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Visual-Fax Tattoo Stencil Machine A4.
This Tattoo Stencil Machine makes perfect tattoo stencils in seconds. Easy to operate VisualFAX thermal copier machine creates sharp and detailed tattoo stencils from your drawings. Made in Germany.

SIMPLE OPERATION: Easy-to-read control lets you dial the correct setting for the sharpest possible imaging of paper stencils.

EASY TO CLEAN: With the flip-top cover, basic cleaning is simple. Periodic cleaning of the roller assembly is necessary for best performance.

AUTOMATIC THERMOSTATS: Overheat thermostat de-energises lamp circuit if machine overheats. Post cool thermostat automatically keeps fan energized until machine has cooled to a safe temperature after use.

COMPACT, PORTABLE, SELF-CONTAINED: Just plug it in and it’s ready to make paper stencils from your original line drawing.

With warranty and CE-certificate, 220 Volts.

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