Basic Stem

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The transparent Bioplast ™ Basic Stem is the ultimate basic. From our huge assortment you can choose exactly the balls and screw tops which correspond to your style. The material is especially skin and tooth friendly!

These are Basic Stems with 1.6mm thickness in 30.0mm length, which can be shortened easily.

With the help of a thread cutter you can adjust the length and thread size. The material can also be easily sterilized in an autoclave!

Bioplast™ is a flexible plastic whose biocompatibility has been proven. The plastic contains no nickel and can not cause allergic reactions. Thus, the material supports the rapid healing process of the skin and is ideally suited for first use.

Bioplast™ can be combined with all Wildcat balls and attachments with matching thread thickness.

The Bioplast™ is suitable for the healing phase, for use in medical interventions or as jewelery during pregnancy and is also ideal for permanent use.

If you have any questions, the staff of Wildcat Germany will give you good advice at all times!



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