Push-fit Setting Crystal Nosestud

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The Nose Stud from the Bioplastline® collection is the inconspicuous plug for your nose that doesn’t make a big impression. Thanks to its ball stopper, it stays firmly in place, but can also be removed again without any problems. The plug stands out because of its radiant crystal set in a high-quality titanium cap.

Bioplast® is a flexible plastic whose biocompatibility has been proven. The plastic does not contain nickel and cannot cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the material supports the fast healing process of the skin and is ideally suited for initial use. The Bioplast® is suitable in the healing phase, for use during medical interventions or as jewellery during pregnancy and is also ideal for permanent use. 

Bar length: 6.5 mm 

The nose piercing can be sterilised in an autoclave without any problems. 

Kristallin väri: Valkoinen


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Paino: 2 g

Paksuus: 1,0 mm

Pallon koko: 2,0 mm


21 kpl varastossa. Jos teet tilauksen jo tänään, tuotteen toimitusaika on arviolta n. 5-9 päivää Tuotteen seuraava täydennys on jo matkalla varastoomme.

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