Jewelled Micro Labret

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The Titan Highline® Jewelled Micro Labret Stud has a strength of 1.2 mm and is available in lengths of 5.0 – 10.0 mm (in steps of one). The compatible ball has a diameter of 4.0 mm and is beset with a classy rhinestone, which is available in seven different colours: aurora borealis (AB), dark blue (DB), light blue (LB), crystal clear (CC), fuchsia (FU), pink (PK) and red (RE).

The bottom part of the attire is flattened, the top part gets closed by a threaded ball (so a labret / stud consists of a stem with a small plate and a ball). The ball gets screwed onto the studs external thread. By the way, all threads in our jewellery collection are standardised, therefore you can combine the rings, balls, bars and attachments. Keep an eye on sizes and threads of your favoured balls and attachments!

The article can, like all basics, be sterilised in an autoclave and due to the skin friendliness of the material it is absolutely harmless to allergic persons. Attention: the stones are not socketed but glued. They can get lost depending on the way of use. If the piercing is used moderately we grant a guarantee of 24 months after receipt of the article. You should not wear an article with glued stones in swimming pools, baths, saunas or similar conditioned surroundings. Please do not lay them into cleansers or germicides, as this harms the material, and we are no longer able to grant a guarantee.

If you are looking for substitutes, you find the balls among XSJ, replacement labrets can be found among ROH-ZLS.

Kristallin väri: Aurora Boreale, Fuksianpunainen, Pinkki, Punainen, Tummansininen, Vaaleanpunainen, Vaaleansininen, Valkoinen

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Paino: 2 g

Pituus: 5,0 mm, 6,0 mm, 7,0 mm, 8,0 mm, 9,0 mm, 10,0 mm

Levyn koko: 5,0 mm


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